Travel and Transport

Melbourne is a compact city that is easy to get to and navigate on foot or by our many transport options. 

Only 25 minutes from Melbourne’s international airport, your short trip into the city centre is quick and easy with options ranging from our dedicated Skybus to individual passenger services. The airport accommodates a vast airline network with many direct flights and 24/7 operations and services, offering maximum flexibility for delegates.

Once in the city, you’ll come to appreciate Melbourne’s grid layout which makes it one of the most convenient cities in the world to navigate. All amenities are within walking distance, making it ideal to explore the city on foot. 

Alternatively, our extensive public transport network offers trams, trains, buses and taxis providing ample options for those wishing to explore the city landmarks, culture, food and wine and events. Destinations further afield can be discovered via one of our many tour operators that will take you on a journey beyond Melbourne, exploring spectacular coastlines, encountering native wildlife and enjoying local food and wine amidst breathtaking landscapes.

With our temperate climate, accessibility, abundant activities, attractions and experiences Melbourne is a destination that you can travel to and discover with ease.  

Start planning your visit now.