Sustainable City


Event planners can take proactive steps to ensure that their business event in Melbourne results in positive social and environmental impacts. Creating a sustainability event is something that should be considered early in the planning process.

MCB can help connect you find sustainable suppliers that align with your specific requirements to deliver a sustainable event. Simple ways to ‘green your event', include:


  • Communicate your commitment to delivering a sustainable event to participants, speakers and event suppliers
  • Prioritise digital over print communications or use recycled paper if printing
  • Provide a digital platform for all relevant information, including abstracts, conference registrations and presentations

Travel and transport

  • Choose venues that are within walking distance of most hotels
  • Encourage delegates to walk, ride or use public transport while in Melbourne
  • Consider partnering with airlines that offer carbon offset programs


  • Give preference to event venues that have a 3rd party sustainability certification (e.g. Green Star rating) and an environmental policy. 
  • Consider venues that use renewable energy, have plenty of natural light, have recycling and water reduction procedures in place
  • Source suitable alternatives to cut flowers in displays and theming, such as fresh herbs or plants

 Waste Management 

  • Reduce waste by keeping track of attendance and tailoring suppliers and food accordingly
  • Encourage active recycling and use of reusable materials
  • Reduce the use of gift bags or satchels, or seek merchandise from environmentally and socially sustainable suppliers

 Food and beverage 

  • Provide the option for delegates to pre-select meals to avoid food wastage
  • Use local producers, seasonal produce and tap water
  • Avoid unnecessary packaging and plastic bags


  • Choose hotels that are environmentally certified, and implement a dedicated sustainability strategy
  • Recommend hotels that are within walking distance of the conference venue
  • Utilise hotels with proactive waste, water, and energy management practices

 Local Community 

  • Provide opportunities for delegates to contribute to local charities
  • Organise activities for delegates to actively engage with local community groups that have a focus on social goals such as health and education
  • Offer off-site nature-based activities that include a conservation component e.g. tree planting