Sustainability Lives Here


Ensuring Melbourne is a sustainable destination for business events is a key mission of Melbourne Convention Bureau. We are committed to our role in securing business events for Melbourne that will have a positive social, environmental and economic impact for our city, and will reiterate our position globally as a safe, sustainable and innovative destination. 
MCB recognises that Melbourne has an unparalleled opportunity to embrace, promote and leverage our industry’s initiatives, efforts and programs focused on sustainability and ensure it is at the forefront of our client’s minds when hosting events in our city. 
But we can’t do it alone. Acting on sustainability will take commitment from everyone – government, the tourism and events industry, our association clients and delegates - but together we can achieve great things with a combination of big moves and small steps. 
Part of the charm of our wonderful city is that it’s constantly changing – boldly innovating and adapting to meet new needs over many decades. And sustainability is no different - we’ve responded in a uniquely Melbourne way to ensure our destination is available for future generations to enjoy and love. 



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