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Melbourne is Australia’s knowledge capital and innovation hub. It is a city where the world’s brightest minds gather to inspire, innovate and create real change in world-leading research and development. These experts are spearheading advancement, change and development in their industries, while also cultivating bright young thinkers of the future.

Melbourne’s credentials as a city of great minds is supported by 13 major independent research institutes, 9 universities with expertise across health and life sciences, and 10 major teaching hospitals.


MCB partners with Victoria’s knowledge community to amplify Melbourne's global position as a knowledge capital and support ongoing knowledge exchange and development of local talent. Our partnerships advocate for strengthening global networks and engagement across industry and academia.



Doherty institute

The Doherty Institute is a centre of excellence where leading scientists and clinicians collaborate to improve human health globally. The Doherty Institute is a joint venture between the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Hospital, combining research, teaching, public health and reference laboratory services, diagnostic services and clinical care in infection and immunity. 





MCB in collaboration with the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre supports the Club Melbourne Ambassador Program. This outstanding program unites and supports leading Victorians across diverse sectors to establish, secure and host international conferences that promote our state's expertise around the world, boost our economy and bring thought leadership to Victoria. 

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