Innovation Starts Here

Innovation Starts Here

Renowned as Australia’s knowledge capital and innovation hub, Melbourne continues to be a major drawcard for many international associations, particularly in the fields of medicine and science. 

Our city attracts some of the world’s largest and most prestigious medical sector conferences including recently hosting the World Congress on Public Health 2017, International Congress on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 2017 and International Congress of Immunology 2016. Over the last five years, Melbourne has hosted 57 events in the medical sector bringing 98,000 delegates to the city.

Led by some of the best scientific and creative minds, Melbourne is the birthplace of inventions including Relenza, the anti-flu drug, and the Bionic Ear and continues today to lead in areas of HIV research and nanotechnology. Melbourne’s many discoveries and inventions impact the global market, saving and improving lives, generating jobs and offering creative solutions for change.

Our collaborative reputation, expertise and successful achievements have also been recognised across technology, engineering and education. 

Melbourne offers associations access to its world-leading research institutes and connections to academics to facilitate strong education programs and powerful knowledge sharing; leading to research innovations and breakthrough legacies that help shape the future. 

Our distinct knowledge precincts, located in and close to the city centre, provide vital research, education, development and innovative technology to drive advancement across fields such as health, science and communication.