Established in 1966, ICMS Australasia (ICMSA) specialises in serving its clients professionally to achieve agreed outcomes. ICMSA has successfully managed award-winning national and international conferences for association, government and corporate clients. ICMSA provides value for money through the provision of best practice developed over 48 years of conference management. It surpasses all the traditional services expected from a leading conference management company. Its event management team work collaboratively with clients and supported by a highly qualified in-house specialist, convert a standard event into a unique event. It has a unparalleled reputation for leading edge creativity and technical excellence. ICMSA represent a new generation of professional conference management companies, combining expertise and experience with innovation and creativity. ICMSA recognises that no two events are the same. It focusses on delivering a customised service, not a standardised service. With a strong network of key management personnel, it offers continuity and expertise, ensuring delivery of a landmark event.

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