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  • YouTube celebrities, creators and fans celebrate online video at VidCon

    September 11, 2018

    Online video content is king at VidCon, an international conference where the YouTube community comes together to meet creators, learn from the best and celebrate all things around online video.

    Melbourne played host to this multi-genre conference for the second year in a row attracting creators, industry experts and fans to Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) between 31 August- 2 September 2018.

    With ever-evolving tools and technologies, video content creation continues to grow in popularity as people from all walks of life use online video to share their stories with the world.

    VidCon enabled emerging creators to meet and learn from the best in the field and gain insights on how to grow a YouTube channel. The VidCon business summit portion of the event allowed businesses to collaborate and make alliances with industry experts.

    Team Melbourne certainly got behind this energetic event with the city providing the ideal platform for devotees of online video to convene.