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  • The 7 truths to creating a WOW experience for CI Travellers. Truth no.7

    December 11, 2018

    How do planners create a WOW Corporate Incentive Travel that makes CI travellers feel welcome?

    Truth 7. Culturally aware: Make it regionalised

    Planners value destinations and experiences that can be tailored and align with the various cultural differences that exist (and are magnified) when travelling to a foreign country. Destinations, suppliers and planners who demonstrate awareness of these cultural differences will be viewed favourably.


    CIT planners rated food as a significant consideration when choosing a destination. The research showed:

    >             Chinese and Indian travellers prefer to have their home food daily.

    >             Other Asian travellers (Malay, Thai, Japanese) may require one meal that reflects their home food but only once during the trip and other Asian food is also welcome.

    >             Menus that incorporate religious elements (halal, Indian vegetarian) are ‘must haves’.


    Different cultures also prefer different types of experiences:

    >             Some travellers (typically those with more English fluency) are open to more local experiences and interaction while others (Thai) enjoy observing but don’t necessarily need high levels of local interaction.

    >             For some cultures, shopping is not only a past time but a key highlight of the trip. For many Asian travellers, they will expect a shopping experience to source branded luxury goods and some souvenirs.

    >             Whilst many were comfortable travelling in a group, building in some free time was appreciated.

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