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  • Tech leaders coming to Melbourne for Magnify World Expo

    August 07, 2018

    Acclaimed digital imaging expert & visual effects (VFX) pioneer is heading to Melbourne for Magnify World. Barry Sandrew, is a neuroscientist who invented a process for colorising B&W films and bringing 3D to 2D movies. He’ll be speaking at Magnify World in Melbourne about the journey of alternative realities, where they’re headed and how they’ll influence our lives in the future.

    Read Barry Sandrew’s Q&A with Dev Diner

    Event details
    The Magnify World Expo
    Dates: 24 - 25 August 2018
    Location: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre - MCEC
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    The Magnify World Expo showcases world-class Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences, the event is one of the largest global roadshows in the world covering Australasia, China and North America. Minister for Innovation and the Digital Economy Philip Dalidakis said: “he is delighted to have Magnify World Expo in Victoria to help attract the world's best and brightest tech leaders and connect them with Victorian companies and entrepreneurs at this year's Digital Innovation Festival”.

    "Our reputation as a global tech hub is growing and some of the biggest and brightest global companies including Alibaba, Dialog, Square and Cybergym have recently established regional headquarters in Victoria."

    The event will be held over 2 days at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), the first day is a business summit which showcases a combination of international and local speakers covering a series of industry sectors such as film and television, advertising and branding, gaming, technology, artificial intelligence and investment. The second day is open to the public offering opportunities to experience never seen before AR/VR technologies from an array of local and global fortune 500 companies.

    Chairman of Magnify World Barry Sandrew, Ph.D. says “Magnify World has been on the forefront of augmented and virtual reality for the past three years. Our mission is to assemble the world's best and the brightest entrepreneurs once a year for the purpose of displaying the latest innovations in the burgeoning AR/VR industry... an industry that is about to change the way we see and interact with our world. We are very excited that Melbourne will become the first of many such Magnify World events in Australia”

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