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  • Sales Conference Ideas to Kick Start 2019

    February 13, 2019

    A well-crafted sales event can change the trajectory of an entire company. Solution Entertainment have put together some fun and strategic sales conference ideas to kickstart the new year.

    1. Challenge retreat for team building
    Scientific research has shown that stability is like a shut-off switch in your brain. It deactivates certain neural pathways in the brain impacting innovation and creativity. Time to get your team out of the office and out of their comfort zone, we think! A retreat that challenges attendees from start to finish is a way to not only get those neural pathways fired up but also creates situations for team bonding. Read more

    2. Unite a team to focus on a shared goal
    Drip-feeding information to a group working towards a common goal is a simple but highly effective way to educate a team about the importance of team work. Add a little bit of fun and a whole lot of hands-on experience and you can demonstrate, in practical terms, the benefits of teams working towards a common goal. Read more

    3. Reward and celebrate achievements
    Party time! Not quite. Celebrating and rewarding a sales team at a conference still needs a strategic approach.

    Treat your top performers to a high-end luxury week away as a thank you for their hard work, but also weave in opportunities for them to improve their performance again and again. How does having some one-on-one time with a top entrepreneur sound? Richard Branson offers this as part of a visit to Necker Island – wow! Read more

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