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  • New season furniture promotes connectivity

    October 26, 2021

    Living through a global pandemic has affected everyone, impacting the way we interact with one another and leaving many feeling isolated and disconnected; there has never been a more pivotal time when connectivity has become so important.

    With the re-emergence of public gatherings, it is time to reconnect with the event landscape to emerge with positive optimism for the future and the industry.

    The theme of CONNECTION permeates this season’s product direction for Harry the hirer with an emphasis on socialising and relaxing. In a direct response to COVID-19 and a desire for comfort, a pursuit of a higher purpose and the pleasure in celebrating nature, Harry’s new season furniture collection is curated with a basis in the science of colour psychology: attuning colour choice to generate a positive emotional and sensory response.

    Calming neutrals with soft tones and textured weaves can help make us feel cosy, warm and nourished; unashamedly bright bold hues and injection of colour heighten a fun and energetic mood; a growing focus on design with products made from wood and natural materials that offer a multi-sensory experience add a human dimension to the environment that benefits health and happiness.

    In addition, the Creative team at Harry the hirer has curated its new collections to integrate with existing product ranges to provide more versatility and scope for hire.

    This season’s latest collections include the Riviera collection of classic Parisian bistro style seating with a natural timber finish and intricate weave detail; the Piper collection, a modern take on a classic Thonet design; the Totem collection that will turn heads with its symbolic pillar-shaped tubular design available in five contrasting velvet tones; the Sahara collection inspired by the desert landscape with its earthy, raw and natural finishes; the simple yet stylish Halo collection of pedestal shaped tables; and the Coco collection, a textured, curvaceous and organic shaped range that offers a myriad of lounging combinations.

    Harry the hirer’s new season furniture range will inspire connections in a post-covid world, delivering a wholehearted and comfortable event experience.

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