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  • MCEC Special Event: Defy All Conventions

    October 12, 2021

    Thursday 11 November 2021

    8:00am – 10:30am

    Online and Melbourne Room 1 at MCEC

    Discover connection beyond convention at this pioneering event from the industry leaders in connected event design.

    With the road to reopening now firmly in sight, the Victorian events industry has begun to look forward to the resumption of COVID-normal activities. But make no mistake: the industry into which we reopen is vastly different. In consequence, virtual and hybrid events have hastily taken centre stage in the events industry – whether we’re ready for them or not.

    While the tech side of digital events is coming along in leaps and bounds, much of the human element – event planners, organisers and corporations – are struggling to find their feet in this brave new world of virtual and hybrid.

    So how can industry create high-impact, human-centred virtual and hybrid events that deliver meaningful connection and engagement?

    This question will be the focus of Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre’s (MCEC) upcoming special event, Defy All Conventions. The hybrid event will bring together thought leaders from the fields of innovation, events, technology and business transformation to explore new ways to create human-centred connection, engagement and networking opportunities that transcend the need for in-person attendance and defy the conventional limitations of virtual events.

    The event – which features presentations from MCEC Chief Executive Peter King, global innovation ambassador Tania de Jong AM (Creative Universe) and branding visionary Richard Curtis (FutureBrand) – hopes to inspire us to rethink, create and change the approach to events, learn how to connect more creatively and explore the latest innovations in virtual and hybrid event technology.

    Tickets are available now and strictly limited. Register here today.