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  • MCEC’s urban farming partner helping those in need from the sky

    August 23, 2022

    The urban farmers of Melbourne’s Skyfarm have been growing, harvesting, and donating food to OzHarvest on a regular basis, assisted by some great volunteers from Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC). With the rising cost of living, OzHarvest has seen those who require their help multiply, the sharpest increase having happened this year in April and May. 

    MCEC is proud to be a partner of Melbourne Skyfarm who have harvested and donated a total of 650 kilograms of produce (8,840 servings of veggies) to MCEC’s food charity partner OzHarvest, since the first planting at the urban farm in September 2021.  

    The results of a collaboration between three Melbourne-based sustainability companies, Skyfarm is the transformation of a 2,000-square metre rooftop car park of MCEC’s Siddeley Street car park, into a thriving farm with sustainable and contemporary dining, education and event spaces. 

    It will showcase how Melbourne can overlay its city spaces with living systems that improve the ability to cool microclimates in the face of increasing heatwaves, absorb rainwater runoff, improve downstream water quality, host beneficial biodiversity, generate fresh produce, reduce food miles to food meters, and improve nutrition, social connection and liveability.

    Melbourne Skyfarm is still under construction, but the urban farming component has been operational for over 6 months.  

    When fully completed later this year, Melbourne Skyfarm is expected to host thousands of visitors annually who undertake farm tours, enjoy workshops, visit the café or attend events. It will demonstrate how to grow fresh produce and incorporate nature into city spaces, whilst using greenery to help cool the urban environment.

    Learn more about MCEC and its incredible sustainability efforts here.