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  • Pan Pacific Melbourne works towards a more sustainable industry

    January 30, 2020

    With over 30 global destinations in their portfolio, the hotel group is mindful of their ecological footprint and is committed to responsible environmental practices. Green Committees, comprising representatives from the facilities, operations, procurement, IT and finance teams have been formed at hotels to champion and enhance sustainability efforts. 

    Pan Pacific Melbourne is leading the way in the sustainability hotel space and strives to do more and incorporate new ideas to create deep awareness around the need for change and education of associates, guests and business partners.

    Sustainable initiatives at Pan Pacific Melbourne include:

    • No Plastic Water Bottles - All plastic water bottles have now been removed from guest rooms. Pan Pacific Melbourne will reduce use of single use plastic by encouraging guests to choose to drink Melbourne drinking water and use refillable water bottles in place of disposable plastic bottles.
    • Mobile phone donations – The hotel group has donated 50 mobile phones that will help fund 10 doses of antibiotics needed to treat gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo 
    • Envision Hands - is a not-for-profit community initiative that uses 3D printing to turn plastic waste into mechanical hands and arms for children, with the products being sent around the world. The recycled plastic bottle tops are turned into prosthetic hands using a 3D printing blueprint that's available online for anyone to use. Milk bottle tops, soft drink tops and flat water-based tops are the best to utilise and recycle - and the hotel has helped to collect over one million bottle caps to date.
    • Recycling and Waste Reduction – An active recycling program is in place. At least 70% of hotel waste is recycled.
    • Energy Conservation – All lights have been updated to energy efficient light bulbs (halogen to LED) in all guest rooms and back of house areas.
    • Water Conservation – Active Water Conservation – linen reuse option and towel reuse program.
    • Bath Amenities - Soap Aid - An environmental impact reduction program, managed by housekeeping. The hotel has collected and recycled 1,664kg of soap. SOAP AID is a not for profit organisation committed to saving children’s lives through improved hygiene while positively impacting the environment.
    • Room keys – reusable/reprogrammable room key cards.
    • Food Preparation – Local Australian product is used. Hotel is moving away from plastic and using bamboo-based products. 98% of fresh fruit and vegetables are now delivered in non-poly coated cardboard. Plastic straws have been replaced with bio-degradable straws. Coffee grinds are donated and used as compost.
    • Menu Selection – based on local Australian produce. Any food that can be donated is given to Ozharvest to distribute it to people in need and divert food waste from landfill.
    • Guest Room Furniture - 2018/2019 renovation furniture with beds donated to Magpies Nest programme via the Salvation Army and other items like desk chairs repurposed where possible.