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  • Localing Private Experiences brings Melbourne to you

    July 01, 2020

    Melbourne is globally recognised as a hub for innovation and when it comes to creativity the city shows no signs of slowing down. The current COVID-19 business landscape has seen a new level of flexibility emerge across the business events sector, with many businesses demonstrating their capacity to adapt during these uncertain times.

    The business events sector is well-known for its collaborative and supportive nature and this has been consistently proven by many different businesses and the community during recent months.

    Localing Private Experiences, MCB’s partner and hosts of exclusive bespoke tours, pride themselves on offering unique and immersive experiences fully tailored to the client’s needs. This has been no different during COVID-19 times. The team at Localing reviewed their offering and completely tailored their business model to adapt to the current environment.

    Localing’s team continues to support the community behind them, while entertaining and educating people at home and at the same time promoting Melbourne and Victoria on an international scale. 

    Dean Hampel, also known as ‘Dingo’ and Localing Private Tours Co-founder said, “We are needing to be very respectful and cautious of the current situation, the world of touring has changed very quickly. It has been amazing to see the support and willingness to help from the wider community and partners.”

    These passionate local hosts are offering virtual 360° adventures of Melbourne and its most interesting local neighbourhoods, cultural attractions and hidden gems through private Zoom tours and Facebook live tours. These authentic local experiences are from the insiders - designed for those stuck inside.

    Participants will have a 360° video of the city playing in front of them with flexibility to move around the screen to see Melbourne’s unique street art on the walls around them, find hidden bars and cafes down laneways while looking up at the stunning architecture. During the experience, a live host will be delivering quirky facts, fun history and answering questions about what the guests are seeing. It’s the ideal way to see a city like Melbourne from the comfort of home.

    “If you can't come to Melbourne and Victoria, then we will just have to bring the best of it to you,” Dean added.

    Additionally, MCB recently launched a new Delegate Destination Site designed to help planners and professional conference organisers (PCOs) promote Melbourne and Victoria to delegates attending future meetings.

    The user-friendly site features a wide range of resources to virtually explore the destination, including a suite of Melbourne Virtual experiences provided by Localing.

    MCB is proud to partner with businesses that have used these challenging times to kick-start innovation and demonstrate creativity and flexibility to keep delivering for the industry.

    To find out more and get your Localing’s experiences tickets click here.