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  • International Women’s Day: Business Events Industry Share Thoughts on #EmbraceEquity

    March 07, 2023

    In acknowledgment of International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March 2023, the Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) asked a group of inspiring Melbourne business events sector leaders about what this year’s IWD theme ‘#EmbraceEquity means to them and the organisation they work for. 

    Natalie O’Brien, CEO, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) 

    “Embracing equity is about a world that’s diverse, inclusive, and values our contributions. Every person at MCEC brings unique experience that creates the opportunity to connect with each other, our customers, and partners on a deeper level.” 

    “We’re committed to an environment where everyone can be their best self and always feel that they belong.” 

    Natalie O'Brien CEO MCEC wrapping arms around herself to represent International Women's Day #EmbraceEquity

    Brad Dabbs, General Manager – Showtime Event Group

    “While there is a growing representation of women in the events industry, broader diversity and continued growth in representation is something I would love to see over the coming years to further embrace equity within our industry, and beyond.” 

    “I think all people should have the freedom and equal opportunity to choose the life they want and to live unencumbered by societal pressures, biases, or outdated policies and norms.”  

    “At Showtime Event Group, we are proud to lead a balanced team of highly talented event specialists across gender and age groups. Our aim is to further this, and to continue to lead in talent and diversity in the events industry.” 

    Brad Dabbs Showtime Event Group crossing arms across chest to represent International Women's Day #EmbraceEquity

    The team from Harry the hirer 

    Harry the hirer felt this quote by Caroline Belden from 'The Inclusion Solution’ represents their organisation's culture and their thoughts on #EmbraceEquity in the workplace: 

    “Equality is leaving the door open for anyone who has the means to approach it; equity is ensuring there is a pathway to that door for those who need it.” 

    Group of women crossing their arms in a self-hug for International Women's Day with Harry the hirer sign above them.

    In the words of International Women’s Day 2023, a focus on gender equity needs to be part of every society’s DNA. 

    To help understand the difference between equity and equality, learn more about the IWD 2023 campaign.  

    Victoria, in partnership with the Commonwealth Government, is the Pacific Regional Convening Partner for Women Deliver 2023 – one of the largest gender equality conferences in the world.

    Melbourne Convention Bureau is proud to be part of the Victorian Government’s important work in the lead up to Women Deliver 2023 (WD2023), which will bring over 6,000 gender equality champions, feminists and decision makers from across the world to Kigali, Rwanda. 

    As a Regional Convening Partner, Victoria will mobilize and convene advocates within the state to advance the conversation around gender equality before, during, and after the Conference as part of WD2023’s expanded Global Dialogue.  

    Regional Convening Partners were selected given their commitment to gender equality and dedication to convening diverse advocates and stakeholders in their region.  

    Learn more about WD2023