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  • How MCB can support your goals with quality delegate boosting tools

    July 25, 2023

    The Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) offers event planners a range of useful delegate boosting resources to maximise attendance.

    Here are some top MCB tools proven to support international conventions in achieving their attendance goals.

    Delegate boosting tool kit

    MCB provides association event planners with an electronic Delegate Boosting Tool Kit that includes everything you need to support your promotional campaign.

    The tool kit includes a curated selection of engaging destination videos and access to stunning imagery. You’ll also find all the copy you need to accurately promote the destination, plus what’s on calendars and social media tags.



    Screenshot of Content Hub on MCB website

    There's even a Melbourne avatar video series you can use - Meet ‘Kylie the koala’, ‘Huck the penguin’, ‘Lizzie the wallaby’ and ‘Uncle Mick the wombat’.

    These adorable Melbourne avatars will give delegates a quick and fun snapshot of what your delegates can expect to experience when they come to Melbourne. These videos are available in English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish and French.



    Other content you'll discover in the Delegate Boosting Tool Kit includes:

    Ready.Set.Melbourne interactive destination video

    MCB’s innovative destination video Ready.Set.Melbourne is a popular delegate boosting tool. Used by PCO’s and event planners, Ready.Set.Melbourne aims to excite and inform delegates planning to attend a convention in Melbourne. The video is so popular, it's been nominated in the 2023 Skift IDEA Awards - the travel industry’s most coveted achievement for excellence in design, creativity, and innovation.

    Somewhere between a video showreel and a choose-your-own-adventure book, Ready.Set.Melbourne offers an interactive video experience that integrates engaging clickable options for delegates to access information about Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

    The video can be shared as a link or via code to embed into your association or PCO website.

    Check out the Ready.Set.Melbourne interactive tool


    Welcome to Melbourne delegate destination website

    Event planners can also access a link to MCB’s custom Welcome to Melbourne delegate destination website. This link can be shared across your digital channels to help promote Melbourne to potential attendees. You will also find the Ready.Set.Melbourne video embedded on this site.

    Check out the Melbourne destination website

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    Official Melbourne Visitors Guide

    Within the Delegate Boosting Tool Kit, event planners can access an electronic Official Melbourne Visitors Guide containing plenty of inspiration to discover Melbourne and regional Victoria. The guide includes the latest stories of local artisans and hidden gems of the city, vibrant neighbourhoods and useful seasonal recommendations of things to do and to see.

    Promotional collateral

    MCB offers a range of downloadable collateral including postcards, flyers, posters, maps and digital banners, available in various designs and sizes. Event planners can also use MCB's customisable marketing assets to create materials such as Zoom backgrounds and postcards.

    Promotional collatoral

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    Virtual site visits

    Designed to inspire and deliver practical information, the Melbourne Virtual Site Visit mirrors a standard site visit offering for international association clients and PCOs, conducting destination inspections as part of their planning process.

    However, the Virtual Site Visit also provides useful information for potential delegates as to what they can do, see and experience in Melbourne during their conference stay.

    The Melbourne Virtual Site Visit includes 360 degree footage and commentary for topics such as:

    • What to expect when you arrive at Melbourne International Airport and transport options
    • Feature hotels and conference venues
    • City experiences and things to do outside Melbourne.

    Melbourne avatars

    For an Australiana touch, event planners can download Melbourne avatars designed to be used across various digital communication channels including virtual events, presentations, websites, email marketing, social media and digital collateral.

    There are currently nine characters to choose from in .png and .gif format including a Cockatoo, Echidna, Koala, Kookaburra, Penguin, Platypus, Ringtail Possum, Wallaby and Wombat.


    Additional delegate boosting tools

    In some instances, MCB may provide additional delegate boosting resources. These could include hosting a delegate boosting booth at international conventions scheduled to next be held in Melbourne.

    Most recently, MCB attended the 2023 Lions Club International Convention in Boston, where their delegate boosting booth was in such demand the wait time to pre-register exceeded 60 minutes!

    On other occasions, event owners may be provided with a custom announcement video to play at their convention, to generate excitement about their next convention to be held in Melbourne.

    How MCB can support your next convention

    Once a bid is secured, MCB’s Convention Servicing team works closely with associations to develop strategies for delegate boosting, marketing activities, sourcing local suppliers, locating suitable accommodation and providing pre and post-touring options.

    Contact MCB to find out more