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  • Holly Ransom to lead AIME 2020 Knowledge Exchange

    October 17, 2019

    Holly Ransom, CEO of Emergent, has been appointed to lead the Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME) 2020 Knowledge Exchange.

    The program theme, An Exploration of Human Connections and Experiences, will focus on the fundamentals of relationship building in a hyper-connected world.

    “The Asia Pacific is one of the world’s most diverse cultural regions, and connecting and understanding its neighbours has been one of the key driving forces in its economic success,” said Ransom.

    “I’m very excited to lead discussions on how technology has played a role in all this, but also on the importance of stripping back to the basics.”

    AIME 2020 will see the program evolve from its developments in 2019.

    “Business events are all about human interaction and so it makes absolute sense for us to challenge our visitors and exhibitors alike to connect and maximise the potential for business in different and exciting new ways,” said Matt Pearce, CEO of event organiser Talk2 Media & Events.

    “2020 is all about AIME’s evolution, and we are placing people at the heart of our event to develop both professionally and personally.”

    AIME 2020 will be held in Melbourne on February 17–19.