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  • Great minds choose Melbourne

    February 22, 2022

    There’s a reason why Melbourne continually wins the host rights for international conferences and business events, it’s renowned as Australia’s knowledge capital and innovation hub. Melbourne is home to some of the world’s brightest minds who continually inspire, innovate and deliver big impact. It’s a city of great minds that incubates thinkers, creators, innovators and producers across multiple sectors, from health and medical; science and engineering; to education, business and technology.

    With a leading education sector including two top 100 global universities, 13 world class research institutes, 10 major teaching hospitals and a plethora of esteemed industry leaders, Melbourne truly influences and shapes the great minds of the future.

    Home to three knowledge precincts, Melbourne brings together academic institutions, research and medical centres as well as private enterprises to foster world-leading innovation. The Biomedical Precinct, South East Melbourne Innovation Precinct, and the Northern Precinct collectively house some of the world's leading research institutes.

    Melbourne Biomedical Precinct

    This is Australia’s and one of the world’s leading biomedical precincts. It delivers outstanding patient care, cutting edge research and discoveries, and training to some of the country’s brightest minds. It comprises over 40 hospitals, research, teaching and biotechnology organisations largely collocated close to Melbourne’s city centre. It is also the site of Melbourne’s first and Australia’s leading university, the University of Melbourne; Australia’s largest pharmaceutical company, CSL; and Australia’s oldest medical research institute, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

    South East Melbourne Innovation Precinct (SEIMP)        

    SEMIP is the innovation, business and knowledge capital of the Asia Pacific region. Located 25 kilometres from Melbourne’s city centre, it is home to 40% of Victoria’s manufacturing activities and over 56,000 registered businesses encompassing manufacturing, retail, property and business services.

    The Northern Precinct

    The Northern Precinct is located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and comprises eight major research and technology institutions fostering world-leading innovation

    With MCB’s access to world-leading research institutes and connections to academics, consider engaging with the MCB team to look into hosting your next conference in Melbourne. The dedicated team will provide you with the expertise and support needed to maximise the chances of your association or organisation winning.

    MCB Knowledge Partnership Program

    Underlining MCB’s commitment to its role in developing a robust knowledge community, MCB has established a new Knowledge Partnership program, signing up a range of extraordinary organisations and elite thinkers to the program including the Doherty Institute, AusBiotech, Burnet Institute, Bio21 Institute, Swinburne University of TechnologyRMIT UniversityMelbourne Connect and Melbourne Centre for Cities.

    MCB partners with Victoria’s knowledge community to drive collaboration opportunities, amplify Melbourne’s position as a global knowledge hub, development of local talent and draw attention to upcoming international association bid opportunities and support confirmed events for Melbourne.

    MCB Chief Executive Julia Swanson explains through their Knowledge Partnerships, the bureau can increase the profile of your association and your event – helped along by engaging industry sectors leaders to participate in and promote your event.

    “Our partnerships advocate for strengthening global networks and engagement across industry and academia. We can highlight the importance of your meeting on a global scale – and put the spotlight on research and developments within your association.”

    Professor Lewin, Director of the Doherty Institute, has become a household name through her extensive commentary during the pandemic. She already has 10-year relationship with MCB through her work under the Club Melbourne Ambassador Program (CMAP), owned and led by Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, which comprises a group of Victoria’s elite thinkers and leaders, who work together to secure and host international conferences in Melbourne.

    Professor Lewin says knowledge networks are essential. “The MCB Knowledge Partnership Program provides a platform for us to attract the biggest and best international conferences to Melbourne and place our world-leading research on the global stage, develop connections to academics to facilitate strong education programs, powerful knowledge sharing and foster world-leading innovations.

    “When I think back to AIDS 2014 for example – to the incredible Team Melbourne approach steered by MCB to bring this event to Melbourne.

    “Some of the most significant lasting legacies that have changed and improved the lives of people affected [by] HIV around the globe as a result, the true value of a knowledge partnership is realised,” Lewin said.

    MCB offers so much more than a bidding and venue finding service in Melbourne. As a full-service bureau, MCB can become a strategic business partner for your event.

    “We engage what we call ‘Team Melbourne’ to not only support the business development and bid process, but to ensure successful delivery of the event – MCB is there every step of the way, whether the event is held in one or 10 years’ time,” adds Ms. Swanson.

    “Legacies are as important to the city as they are to the client, so we focus on delivering powerful legacies aligned with the core purpose of the association, lasting beyond the event itself.”

    Get in touch with MCB today to learn how the team can work collaboratively with you to secure and deliver a successful event that drives tangible outcomes and long-lasting legacies.