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  • MCB CEO Karen Bolinger to speak at IMEX on women in the events industry

    March 25, 2019

    Organisations that encourage diversity will see greater staff motivation and engagement, heightened innovation as well as a boosted bottom line.

    Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group talked about the show’s focus on diversity and inclusivity, saying it was “crucial to the future success of the events industry – that’s why it forms a core part of our offering at IMEX in Frankfurt this year”.

    At EduMonday on 20 May, there will be a session on cultural diversity and cultural differences. Their impact on destination management is discussed as well as helping event planners prepare for a culturally different client.

    At She Means Business, also on EduMonday, the conference explores the role of women in the events industry.

    Karen Bolinger, MCB CEO will discuss her experiences of forming a not-for profit association of female leaders to start a movement around not accepting sexual harassment in the workplace. She will also examine hosting the first summit on sexual harassment in the workplace for 800 people from 320 companies.

    Angela Dern, head of diversity and inclusion at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), speaks about gender equality as an economic imperative. She will also look at the UN Women 10x10x10 Impact Commitment, an initiative which works with 10 governments, corporations and universities worldwide.

    How to be a leader managing and encouraging a diverse team is one of the education sessions taking place. This will form a discussion on best practices and communication models that help in becoming an inclusive leader.

    Unconscious bias is a subject rarely touched on. A session on this topic will demonstrate to planners how this works and to help them become aware of it as well as counteracting it.

    The male perspective on gender equality and female empowerment is explored by Gernot Sendowski, director of HR global diversity and inclusion at Deutsche Bank AG. As a man he asks “why do I care? And why should men care?”.

    IMEX in Frankfurt takes place 21-23 May 2019.

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