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  • Four entertainment ideas for corporate events

    July 17, 2019

    Are you stuck on entertainment ideas for corporate events? It’s easy to rely on a splashy five-star venue and classy catering to make your event a success. But guests also look forward to some fun and entertainment – especially if it’s interactive!

    Here are four fun entertainment ideas to consider for your next corporate event.

    1. Co-branded events
    Co-branding can be a great way to pool resources and offer guests an entertaining experience at the same time. For example, you might decide to do a co-branded event with a wine bar.

    The owner can talk about pairing food and wine, which is of benefit to guests who frequently take clients to dinner. Guests take part in the tasting. The wine bar receives exposure, which might include media, and you receive a custom offering and a fabulous venue.

    On the other hand, you might have the venue and brand recognition to draw a crowd that other brands want to plug into. This approach can engage attendees, lower costs, and offer synergies for both parties. A win win.

    2. Customised food and drink
    Instead of a standard dessert drop, imagine picking your favourite ice cream toppings or flavour combinations from a menu of options. Anything customised and interactive adds to events, allowing guests to take part in creating the experience.

    3. Video photo booths
    Photo booths aren’t new by any stretch, however they’ve evolved from static pictures to looped video (complete with custom backdrops, branding and filters) that’s ready to post on social media.

    These are crowd pleasers every time; increasing length of stay and creating branded content that can be used beyond the night.

    4. Custom video content
    More brands are doing events as part of larger campaigns inclusive of video and imagery to create exposure at multiple points. Create short films or interviews with people of interest to your audience. The success of custom content comes down to the video company you use and the equipment they have. Shop around as newer companies with plenty of vision can sometimes charge less to gain clients.

    These entertainment ideas can help you create a standout experience for your guests. And if you’re looking for more ways to add the wow factor, talk to the Solution Entertainment team about how they can create a tailored solution for your next event.