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  • Four business events secrets from Solution Entertainment

    March 15, 2019

    Solution Entertainment are often asked how did that crazy idea turn into reality? They know that sharing is caring so Solution Entertainment has opened their Pandora’s box of event tricks to share some industry secrets with you.

    A business event is an event that has a strategic business objective attached to it (often this is measured by ROI). Business events can be classified as a product launch, sales conference, annual general meeting, industry awards night, internal company event, networking event, exhibition…the list goes on. Solution Entertainment is all about creating moments of impact… here’s their how to:

    Secret #1 Use emerging technologies to amplify engagement

    When attendees have the opportunity to interact with technology such as holograms, AI, intelligent automation, augmented reality and virtual reality, the event experience is amplified.

    Secret #2 Be a disruptor

    The key to success has to be turning completely ‘out there’ and unconventional ideas into reality. Let’s manage 100 acts over 17 stages in four days at the Australian Grand Prix! Great idea! Let’s do it. You gotta be all in, all the time in this business. That’s what makes it so fun.

    Secret #3 Use the art of theatre craft

    Emotional connection creates memories that have a lasting impact on behaviour. When you bring the concept of theatre into the business event world, you have the capability to shift attendees and guests from one state to another, connecting the message and purpose of the event to the attendee on a transformative level.

    Secret #4 Build a physical theme around the message

    This strategy is about making sure every touch point the guest has is connected to the purpose of the event. Creating an engaging environment that reinforces the brand messaging is key to the success of a business event. Creating a business event that has a positive impact and creates lasting behavioural change is a fine art.

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