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  • Exhibition: 50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs at Melbourne Zoo

    October 25, 2018

    Melbourne Zoo is the first venue in the world to unveil a brand new outdoor exhibition curated by National Geographic, 50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs!

    For 130 years, National Geographic has championed the art of wildlife photography and captivated generations of audiences.

    From the very first image to appear – a reindeer in 1903 – National Geographic Society’s publications have broken new ground and push the bar higher again and again.

    50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs is a pop-up photography exhibition, featuring a selection of breathtaking images from some of National Geographic's most renowned photographers from around the world.

    The exhibition is included with general admission until 30 November 2018, held in Melbourne Zoo’s historic Carousel Park.

    Don't miss your chance to see these outstanding wildlife images and experience Melbourne Zoo as the exhibition comes to life.

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