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  • Corporate Event Planners' Tips for the Perfect Venue

    August 30, 2019

    Looking for the perfect venue for your next event?

    These corporate event planners’ tips can help you find just the right space – without blowing the budget!

    1. Does the space complement the event?
    The venue should complement the event and not vice versa. Consider whether the venue is aligned with your brand and whether it will make your audience feel at home. These factors can play out to convey a stronger brand message.

    2. A cosier fit can be better than too much space
    We’ve all experienced events where too much space can make it feel cold and under-attended. Gain a clear picture of attendance to select the right venue fit. This is frequently easier said than done! A smaller fit can be a risk if attendance suddenly blows out.

    There are exceptions too of course – if a space is a little large but well suited to a brand, or if you are looking to create space as part of the experience. There are ways to pull space in too, using lighting, props and dividers.

    3. You might be surprised at venue fees
    If that dream event space seems out of reach, it always pays to ask for pricing anyway. Venues will often charge a minimum food and beverage spend instead of venue hire fees.

    4. Not every venue transaction in monetary
    You may be able to negotiate a contra deal where the venue will welcome you in exchange for patronage, exposure to an email list and/or press coverage. This is more likely to happen if there’s synergy and a natural fit. It frequently comes down to who you know and who you ask at the venue too. This is where it pays to stay connected in the industry, grow connections through social platforms like LinkedIn and work with the right event company.

    5. Source permits where required
    If you want to hold your event outdoors, contact the local council to source permits at least one month out. This applies to filming too, which is so easy to gloss over when in the midst of event planning. Pushing last-minute permits isn’t something anyone wants to deal with!   

    Solution Entertainment, would love to talk to you about your next event and how they can find the right venue fit. Contact Solution Entertainment today.


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