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  • Consider how to invest in our future this Earth Day

    April 19, 2022

    In support of Earth Day today and the 2022 theme ‘Invest in our future’, Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) would like to highlight a few partners’ fantastic work taking place in Melbourne that is shaping the future.

    Business events delegates regularly flock to these popular attractions during their visit to Melbourne and we’re proud of the work these organisations do to invest in our future for generations of visitors to come.

    The City of Melbourne (CoM), continues to invest in Melbourne’s future and taking strides toward climate change with initiatives to make sure our city stays green, safe and accessible for everyone. The City of Melbourne consulted with climate change experts and the community to develop a Climate Change Mitigation Strategy to 2050 which aligns with the Paris Climate Agreement. The City has adopted a new Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030 that sets targets and identifies actions the city will take to reduce waste, increase resource recovery and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from waste. In addition, the City of Melbourne is leading the way in tackling climate change, with an ambitious new Emissions Reduction Plan for Council Operations 2021-26, to cut the organisation’s carbon emissions. This plan also includes the development of a business model for other businesses to follow so they can effectively and efficiently cut their emissions.

    Another leader in sustainability is Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC). Initiatives it’s championed include: its involvement in the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project, appointing a full-time sustainability manager and championing local produce. Prioritising sustainability, the organisation is committed to championing innovative ideas to provide better outcomes for the community, customers and its environmental footprint. 

    Across three attractions, the Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary, Zoos Victoria invests in the future of wildlife by fighting to save species from extinction and ensure a world full of wildlife for the next generation.

    Zoos Victoria works both locally and globally to deliver tangible conservation outcomes. They are committed to the recovery of 21 native threatened species, as well as broad-based conservation programs in six countries, seven grass-roots community conservation campaigns and more than 50 research projects.

    Locally, Zoos Victoria is committed to ensuring that no Victorian terrestrial vertebrate species go extinct. In south-eastern Australia, 21 species are teetering on the brink of extinction due to habitat loss, feral animals, landscape fragmentation, disease and climate change.

    While Zoos Victoria is supporting the recovery programs for these 21 species, they also continue research into captive breeding and reintroduction and raising community awareness.

    Business events delegates regularly prioritise viewing Victorian native wildlife up close and as a not-for-profit zoo-based conservation organisation, all revenue raised by these visits goes directly towards their work to fight extinction.

    When Australia’s borders reopened late last year, MCB and Visit Victoria started building consideration for purpose-driven tourism with the Good Natured Victoria initiative.

    Melbourne and Victoria are good-natured, in more ways than you might imagine.  Discover initiatives, programs and organisations which support threatened species and help regenerate native habitats. Learn how you too can make a difference before you visit Victoria – from adopting a little penguin from Phillip Island and planting trees for koalas, to protecting the Great Southern Reef and supporting Victoria's Aboriginal culture.

    Consider planning a 'Good Natured Victoria' experience for your team by engaging with one of the inspiring experiences in Victoria. As a part of Visit Victoria, MCB has a wealth of knowledge and can help you plan not only a memorable but also a positively beneficial incentive trip or event.

    Victoria has a wealth of diverse regions and attractions, which are easily accessible from its capital city of Melbourne. Join an eco-tour, visit dedicated conservation sites and discover cultural centres that support, promote and celebrate Victoria's rich and complex Aboriginal history.

    Investing in Melbourne’s future and ensuring it’s a sustainable destination for business events is a key mission of the Melbourne Convention Bureau. We are committed to our role in securing business events for Melbourne that will have a positive social, environmental and economic impact on our city, and will reiterate our position globally as a safe, sustainable and innovative destination. 

    MCB recognises that Melbourne has an unparalleled opportunity to embrace, promote and leverage our industry’s initiatives, efforts and programs focused on sustainability that invest in Melbourne’s future and ensure it is at the forefront of our client’s minds when hosting events in our city. 

    Get in touch with MCB today to learn about ways your organisation can invest in the future, no effort is too small.