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  • A new Aura for Sovereign Hill

    April 03, 2019

    Following rave reviews, Sovereign Hill has officially launched its new sound and light show, AURA.

    Featuring hundreds of stunning projections, the multi-million dollar show lets visitors explore space, delve into the Dreamtime and re-live Australia’s most important rebellion, all while travelling under the night sky. It takes guests of all ages on an adventure as they witness the creation and discovery of the world’s most precious metal, gold.


    Having opened to the public earlier this year, AURA has already wowed thousands of visitors, providing an immersive multi-sensory experience.

    “We look forward to officially welcoming visitors to our new sound and light show," Sovereign Hill CEO Sara Quon said. "We believe we have developed an experience that will not only excite the whole family, but continue to drive forward our local tourism economy."

    Together with Sovereign Hill’s own historical experts, AURA was conceived by Andrew Walsh AM and his Accolade Event Management team, who have previously delivered the opening and closing ceremonies of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games and the first four years of White Night.

    AURA_dreamtime bunjil

    “AURA brings together the rich stories of this place from the beginning of time," Accolade creative director Andrew Walsh said. "It tells of the traditional owners of this land and, in the voices of those who were there, the incredible story of how gold changed everything."

    “The show has been two years in the making and is a tribute to the creativity of teams involved. I’m looking forward to seeing how audiences respond. We’re confident they will love it.”

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