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  • 6 unique experiences in Melbourne your clients won't forget

    December 07, 2020

    Melbourne is recognised as a hub for innovation and when it comes to creativity the city is bursting at the seams. The beauty in this city is that whether you’re a first time visitor or longtime Melbournian, there is always something new to experience or hidden gems to explore – it’s the magic of Melbourne!

    If you’re looking for that next special group experience, look no further than Localing Private Experiences. Your client’s will see a side of Melbourne most visitors never get to experience and explore the hidden wonders of regional Victoria that otherwise fly under the radar. From history and architecture to the vibrant live music, sport or street art scene – Localing has you covered.

    As one of MCB’s partners, the group offers unique and immersive experiences fully tailored to your client’s needs. Your specific requirements, coupled with Localing’s expert local knowledge and unique style of delivery, will ensure that every guest walks away feeling like a local!

    To get you inspired we’ve rounded up 6 unique experiences that Localing has to offer that would add to anyone’s dream itinerary:

    1. The ultimate Street Art Masterclass 
      Clients will be taken on an exclusive street art tour with a locally renowned artist in EverFresh Studios, located in the heart of Melbourne’s artistic neighbourhood Fitzroy. Usually closed to the public, clients will get to view the country’s most exclusive street art studio and learn about the evolution of Melbourne’s street art scene. From there, the pro artist will take clients through the creative process to workshop their own original street art design before guests take to the streets to imprint their design on an iconic Melbourne laneway.
    2. Meet AFL stars and become a footy or cricket professional!
      Meet a couple of AFL footy stars and learn from the professionals about the spirit of the game and how it is embedded in Victorian culture. Get practical with private lessons from the pros in both footy and cricket (Aussie obsessions that date back beyond the 1850s!) Guests can take a wicked mark, go up for a 'specky', practise their drop punt for a shot at goal or learn the skills for a strategic tackle, while learning the unique history of the game. Footy not your thing? Get into the cricketing world by stepping in front of the wicket to face a pro spin bowler only to 'knock'em for six'!
    3. Watch an AFL or Test Cricket match with the stars
      If you’re an Aussie sports lover, you won’t want to miss out on this experience. Attend an iconic AFL football or Test Cricket match in the company of an Aussie sporting hero where you'll get to experience the game in the country’s most loved sporting stadium, the MCG. Get an exclusive insight into the game with your sporting star and unparalleled insight into how to read the play as you join in with the raucous energy of the crowd.
    4. Marngrook Indigenous Football Workshop
      Come along and learn the history of Marngrook, said to be Australia’s first made football by Aboriginal groups in Victoria to play sports. A unique cultural item specific to Victoria, guests will have the opportunity to make their own Marngrook with  Bernadette Atkinson, an Aboriginal woman who belongs to the Wolithiga Clan, Yorta Yorta Nations. Bernadette's traditional part of Country is now known as the township of Echuca. 

      *TIP: For an exclusive money-can't-buy opportunity, combine all three of the above activities for the ultimate Koorie-Victorian experience. Begin with the Marngrook making workshop, followed by taking the traditional ball onto the field and learning the skills of AFL Footy. Tie it all together with an afternoon or evening game at the MCG before learning about the oldest continuing culture in the world to being immersed in the current cultural landscape of Australia today. 
    5. Indigenous cooking class 
      Mabu Mabu is a saying in the Torres Strait that means 'help yourself' or 'bon appetite.' It is announced at the start of a banquet or at a gathering of friends and family. In this masterclass, guests will take a visit to the local market to purchase Indigenous ingredients to create a simple meal that celebrates the unique flavours of Australia while learning about the history of Indigenous food and its unique cooking styles. Guests will also learn about the cultural heritage of the Chef as they share stories of the Komet Tribe of the Meriam People of Mer Island in the Torres Strait.
    6. Wildlife after dark with the owner of Moonlit Sanctuary
      As the sun sets, step into Victoria's wildlife park after hours, for an unseen experience of Aussie native wildlife. Guided by the park's owner, guests will experience the stirring nightlife of these unique creatures. Get up close with your favourite Aussie natives – from cuddling and feeding the kangaroos to taking a selfie with the koalas, to taking the dingos for a late night stroll around the park. It’s sure to be an experience your clients won’t forget!

    To find out more and get your Localing’s experiences tickets click here.