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  • 2024 exhibition design and build trend predictions

    October 10, 2023

    The Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) chats with MCB exhibition partners Yulie Preciado, Sales Manager ExpoNet and Lizzie Thompson, National Marketing Manager Moreton Hire to get insight into 2024 exhibition trends.

    What do you think 2024 will bring for popular stand build or design trends?

    Yulie: System-based stand designs, seamless walls, offering turnkey solutions tailored to bespoke needs and budgets.

    Also more pod styles with a seamless look and a focus on recyclable systems and signage products.

    Lizzie: Visual Impact will be very important; face to face exhibitions still has the opportunity to pitch brand v brand, so the opportunity for subtle branding as well as the traditional large on stand format branding. For example as well as branding walls, rigging and counters, we will see more furniture and flooring branding.

    Of course sustainability is still very important, topical and front of mind for our clients and therefore will continue to remain a big focus. We are already seeing the trends move away from large spaces to much smaller, high impact stands that use recycled material, focuses on reduction in waste, recycled and recyclable signage, recycled furniture and other sustainable practices.

    Exponet exhibition stand

    What do you think 2024 will bring for popular exhibition trends in general?

    Yulie: Reusable signage options across multiple events for clients/exhibitors and associations who recycle their stands.

    Demand for person-to-person meetings is rising along with experiential booths. An experiential booth is where delegates are given something to do, not simply something to look at. For example, hands-on activities and unique experiences and activations, such as virtual reality, mini games, yoga and interactive touchscreen activations.

    Lizzie: We do see a move away from MDF (medium-density fibreboard), so whilst some will still argue that MDF can be reused multiple times, it will still end up as landfill at the end of the journey.

    More integrated LED whether in AV or lighting creating a more interactive booth or adding more interactive elements within their booths.

    What do you think the top three requests will be from clients in 2024?

    Yulie: Sustainability, Best Practice, Reusable

    Lizzie: We believe clients really want to understand the sustainability story of their stand from cradle to grave, smaller stands that pack a punch, and digital/online platforms for organisers/exhibitors - how can they be incorporating AI technology into the expo experience.

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