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ICMS Australasia has now added a new Digital Conference Team to its full-service offering. The ability to combine traditional live in-person meetings with on-line virtual components extends program offerings, provides delegates with greater engagement and flexibility as well as provides important revenue streams to Associations and Societies. 

ICMSA’s hybrid delivery mechanisms include a seamless registration process; integrated digital program and agenda; multiple concurrent session set-up with livestream or pre-recorded sessions; speaker support and management with self-recording facilities; delegate messaging and chat options; live polling, analytics and much more.

With content being key, an expert Digital Team will work with you to produce relevant thought-provoking content, delivered through innovative mediums, thereby enhancing stakeholder connections.

ICMSA can build a conference legacy by ensuring all sessions are recorded and uploaded as on-demand content. This approach heightens the delegate experience by allowing delegates to experience all concurrent sessions at their convenience; a benefit not generally offered at in-person events.


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