Melbourne’s is set to welcome a new cultural icon with the $15 million immersive digital art gallery, THE LUME.

Set to launch in Autumn 2020, THE LUME will be a permanent 2000sqm multi-sensory digital gallery immersing guests in the world’s greatest masterpieces. It weaves imagery from 150 state-of-the-art projectors on a curated tapestry of surfaces, all harmoniously choreographed to a dramatic musical soundscape.

After dark, the space will be transformed into a high-tech event space in partnership with catering company Food & Desire, in what will be one of the largest event spaces in Melbourne. Food & Desire are well known for Aerial and Carousel venues.

Melbourne-based Grande Exhibitions is behind the development along with a small group of private investors. Company founder Bruce Peterson said THE LUME is the answer to Australians’ growing appetite for meaningful and shared experiences.

“The cultural scene is vastly changing as visitors demand new experiences,” he said. “We have been at the forefront of this movement globally as our popular exhibitions have quickly moved from artefact based, to multimedia, to multi-sensory and now to very experiential. Today, we engage many more new audiences through this style of exhibition and experience.”

Peterson said it had taken years of searching to find the ideal space for THE LUME.

“We are opening the very first THE LUME in Melbourne as it’s our home city,” he said. “This development will be a jewel in the crown of Victoria’s tourism icons and we’re thrilled to be contributing to tourism growth, with great numbers of international and interstate visitors expected to flock to the newest gallery in Australia.”

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