Last Tuesday, Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews, announced the Labor Government will conduct a Review into the Victorian Visitor Economy to ensure the state maintains its status as the major events capital of Australia.

The Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) welcomes the Review and we are particularly pleased it will include the study of both the business events sector and the Bureau's contribution to driving the industry; it is evidence that the Labor Government recognises the vital role of business events in the success of the overall visitor economy.

With an increasingly competitive environment across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, many destinations are receiving more government funding and support and are aggressively marketing their cities and states globally, particularly for business events.

The announcement of the review indicates the Labor Government understands that vision and strong leadership is required for the future sustainability and growth of the tourism and events sector, and that they are committed to strengthening the industry.

The Review will be completed by the end of April and will then be used to build a long-term plan to grow the state's visitor economy and business events sector, contributing to a strong, prosperous Victoria.

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