• What is a Convention Bureau?

    Convention bureaux exist to promote a destination's ability to host a business event. A bureau will utilise its expert local knowledge to present accommodation, venue and service providers tailored to suit the specific needs of the event.

  • Are you a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) and can you manage my event?

    No. Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes Melbourne and Victoria as a top business events destination. MCB has a dedicated Victorian Event Solutions platform, which assists event planners by connecting them with venue, accommodation and service providers. We assist with site inspections, sourcing funding, delegate boosting, marketing and communications, but not with planning or managing the event itself.

Working with MCB

  • What events are eligible to work with MCB?

    For MCB to work on an event, it must be of business nature – that is, either a conference, congress, meeting, exhibition or an incentive. You can be a PCO, association, corporate or government organisation based anywhere in the world. MCB welcomes events of all sizes.

  • How does MCB work with event managers?

    MCB can assist event managers with free planning assistance through Victorian Event Solutions. With an in-depth knowledge of leading local venues, accommodation suppliers, catering services, entertainment options and transport providers, MCB can connect you to everyone you need to create a memorable event in Melbourne.

  • How can I partner with MCB?

    MCB invites Victoria's leading business event suppliers to partner with us in staging world-leading business events. Partnering with MCB gives your business direct marketing access to key decision-makers of business events. Visit our Partnerships program page to find out more about how you can get involved.

  • I have an idea for a new event. Who can I speak to?

    MCB has a dedicated inaugural event team that can assist with getting your event off the ground. If you are interested or would like to know more, please contact [email protected].

MCB services

  • Can MCB assist with site inspections?

    Yes, we can assist with organising site inspections as part of promoting Melbourne and Victoria as a premier business events destination. MCB will showcase accommodation, venues and event suppliers that suit your event requirements.

  • How can MCB assist with my incentive program?

    MCB prides itself on its tailor-made approach to creating memorable incentive programs for our clients. MCB's dedicated international incentive teams partner with the city's leading business event suppliers and have a host of imaginative ideas to meet your brief.

  • How can MCB help with promoting my conference?

    Yes, MCB can assist with promoting your conference through our website's conference calendar and through media releases by our communications team. MCB can further assist by providing marketing collateral promoting Melbourne for your event. 

  • Is there a cost for using MCB services?

    No, MCB's services are free of charge. If you are a venue or supplier, please view our partnerships page for more information on becoming a member.

  • Can MCB fund my event?

    MCB can assist with sourcing funding for business events; however, there are strict prerequisites that must be met in order for this to occur.


  • What is a bid?

    A bid is a process whereby a city is competing against other cities for the right to host an event.

  • What is a bid leader required to do?

    A bid leader is MCB's point of contact in the bidding process. The bid leader will contribute local expertise within the relevant field and will assist the MCB bidding team to identify local strengths, source letters of support and assemble a local organising committee. MCB's role is to ensure that this is a seamless, stress-free process for the bid leaders.

  • Does it cost money to bid?

    There is no cost to identify a bidding opportunity for Melbourne. MCB will work with you and your organisation to determine what is involved and outlined in the bidding guidelines for the conference. In some cases, there may be a financial component for the local hosts. If so, MCB has the ability to assist with sourcing financial support should the prerequisites be met.

  • How long does a bid take?

    The time required for a bid varies depending on the event and the lead time. MCB will identify timelines for the bidding process in the initial stages, with some aspects of the bid requiring more involvement than others. MCB understands that often bid leaders are time-poor and will aim to minimise the time commitment as much as possible.

  • What happens once the bid is successful?

    Once a bid is successful, MCB's Convention Servicing team will continue supporting the local hosts by developing marketing and promotional materials to increase delegate attendance at the event.

General questions

  • What is a site inspection?

    A site inspection is a thorough, in-person review of a potential meeting venue and/or destination.

  • Is MCB part of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)?

    No. The Melbourne Convention Bureau works closely with the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre; however, MCB is a part of Visit Victoria. MCEC is a strategic partner of MCB and plays a key role in servicing the larger business events that come to Melbourne.

  • What are the different event space configurations?


    Rows of chairs (no tables) arranged with all participants facing towards the front of the room


    Similar to Banquet style but has an open end, with the audience seated in an arc facing forwards


    Rows of tables arranged with all participants facing towards the front of the room


    Round tables arranged throughout the room. Participants are seated around the entire perimeter of each table
    *ideal for groups that include meal service in the same room


    Tables are arranged in a large U with open space in the middle. Participants are seated around the outside facing the centre of the U

    Board Room

    Tables arranged together to create a single large table


    Small but tall cocktail tables spread out through the room. Ideal for a standing function

    Hollow Square

    Tables are arranged in a square, with chairs along the outside facing an empty centre

    Banquet with stage and dance floor

    Traditionally, adding stage and dance floor will reduce the room capacity