Collaboration Lives Here

Collaborative 'Team Melbourne' Approach

Melbourne transforms a group of people into a powerful collaborative force; a dynamic union of great minds that come together to work together, always striving for excellence.

Holding your conference in Australia's most collaborative city will leverage the power of a truly connected network. The city organically brings people together and creates an environment to foster partnerships and new opportunities. This is the way Melbourne does business.  

The city's approach to collaboration is well practised, particularly in securing and hosting large scale international business events, conferences and incentive programs.  This unrivalled expertise means Melbourne stands alone in its ability to deliver conferences of any size and scale. 

Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) works with a range of strategic partners and industry affiliations to secure and deliver events. Not only do events held in Melbourne have the full support of the MCB, they also receive the backing of its partners, including the Victorian State Government, City of Melbourne, industry, academia and an extensive network of event service suppliers.  

It is a team effort from beginning to end, delivered with a collaborative 'Team Melbourne' approach that is renowned the world over in achieving success that exceeds expectations.


We invite you to collaborate with us