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The National Opal Collection

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The National Opal Collection showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne are among Australia's most fascinating tourist attractions. Real opal in natural formation runs through the walls, and life-sized dioramas of the dinosaur age recreate the flora and fauna of Gondwana (Australia 100 million years ago). Rare opalised fossils of animals and plants are on display in the museum section of the showroom. The opalised fossil collection, the most important of its kind in the world, is continuing to grow and many new items are added each year. The National Opal Collection is part museum and part retail showroom, and has the largest range of retail opal stock in Australia. From $10 souvenir items and fashion silver jewellery, through to incredible collector pieces over $100,000, the National Opal Collection prides itself on providing customers with a range that makes it easy for them to find something they like.