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Info Salons Australia Pty Ltd

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Info Salons is a full-service technology & logistics provider for the events industry delivering customised solutions to leading conference & trade-show organisers globally. We build beautiful, interactive, responsive, online registration pages just the way you want them. Whether it’s managing a large congress, conference, road show or exhibition, we can handle the registration to give you time to focus on your event. And at the event, our promise to you is the delivery of a personalised, seamless, high-tech check-in experience for your attendees. Our award winning Info Tracker app provides your exhibitors with intelligent, data capture & lead generation tools that ensure they maximise every opportunity at your show. After the event is over, we help turn your data into business intelligence. Info Salons data analysis tools provide deeper insights of your data and may lead you to making your most important decisions about the future of your event.

  • Group Size: 301-500, 501-800, 801-1000, 1001-3000, 3001-5000, 5000+