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Happy Medium Photo

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Happy Medium Photo can cater for all photographic requirements for social functions such as charity and gala balls, award ceremonies, conference photography as well as corporate events. With over 30 years experience and its state-of-the-art in-house processing lab, combined with a large group of experienced professional photographers, will ensure the highest quality service. Happy Medium Photo will work in conjunction with clients to design a suitable package to meet your needs. Happy Medium Photo specialise in same night service which carries the benefit of having absolutely no costs to the event organisers. It ensures coverage of the entire event including all the guests and any other proceedings desired. All the images taken on the night are returned to the venue and offered for sale to the guests on a "no obligation to buy" basis. All photographs will include a custom designed digitally enhanced border, which will incorporate the title, logo and theme of the function. All images from a function can also be displayed on Happy Medium Photo's secure website, which will enable ordered at a later date. Being entirely digital means Happy Medium Photo is able to indefinitely store all images for future use. It also offers Photo Booth and green technologies.