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Atlantic Group - Mama Rumaan

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Meet Mama Rumaan, a fierce Arabic mama who has taken up residence on Central Pier, Docklands. Causing disruption in the tranquil, waterfront suburb, Mama Rumaan has rebelled against the norm with the creation of her Middle-Eastern style canteen.Bold, flavourful, authentic cuisine overwhelms the menu. Inspired by recipes of the generations before her, Mama Rumaan embraces the lessons of her ancestors whilst introducing new depths to these traditional mena flavours.The ambience is warm, aromatic and inviting and the food is designed to be shared as you would amongst family. And at Mama Rumaan’s you are always amongst family. Passionate about cooking with fresh produce and fragrant spices, you will come hungry but in true mama style you will leave satisfied.Mama Rumaan, she is not your stereotypical mama! Come and see for yourself.Food philosophyThe best food to share amongst family and friends is that from a mama’s kitchen. Mama Rumaan has trained up a diverse group of talented chefs to ensure each region of food is represented with Middle-Eastern authenticity. Devoted to cooking with fresh produce, aromatic herbs and fragrant spices, in this mama’s kitchen you will experience the taste and diversity of the Middle-East.Private diningThis waterfront venue is perfect for those looking to experience the diverse culinary offering of Melbourne whilst in a space that has a personality and character of its own. We can tailor a menu and package for you based on your requirements with the inclusion of traditional entertainment and interactive experiences.

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