The bidding process

Conference bids are usually initiated in one of two ways. If you have an idea for a conference bid, Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) encourages you to get in touch and start the process. The first step will be to assess the viability of a bid for Melbourne.

Alternatively, MCB has a Business Development team dedicated to identifying conference opportunities, in particular international associations that may be ready to bring their conference to Australia.

How the conference bidding process works
Once an opportunity has been identified, MCB works to secure a local host to lead the bid and to find a financial underwriter. The local host is the key representative or committee based in Australia to lead the bid and who, if the bid is successful, will work with the international association to deliver the conference.

MCB then works with the local host to secure the event for Melbourne.

This stage involves:

  • Developing a business case
  • Developing bid lobbying strategies
  • Coordinating and preparing conference bid documents and bid promotions
  • Preparing bid presentations
  • Liaising with state and local government bodies, strategic partners, professional conference organisers and other members
  • Locating suitable venues that meet specified criteria
  • Hosting site inspections for key decision makers
  • Providing pre and post touring options

Once the conference has been won for Melbourne, MCB continues to support the local host until the event has occurred, providing assistance with:

  • Marketing and promotion
  • Delegate boosting
  • Contracting venues and accommodation
  • Government support and liaison

If you have an idea for a conference bid, or would like more information on the bidding process, contact:

Beverley Williamson
General Manager, Business Development and Bids
+61 3 9002 2307