Bid for a conference

The city's reputation as a highly collaborative community supports Melbourne as the right choice for international conferences. In almost every field of endeavour, Melbourne has a history of achievement that brings credibility to conference bids.

Bidding for and hosting conferences in Melbourne puts the international spotlight on the city, providing significant personal and professional rewards, and creating legacies for your community.

 Raise your profile

  • Enhance your status locally, nationally and internationally
  • Create opportunities for career advancement
  • Collaborate with global industry leaders

 Promote your organisation

  • Focus government attention on your field of interest
  • Highlight issues that need to be brought to the forefront
  • Raise public awareness of your activities through local and international media
  • Attract sponsors, government funding and new association members

 Showcase your industry

  • Promote Victorian and Australian innovation and expertise to the world
  • Provide industry with access to new technologies and intellectual capital

Partner with Melbourne Convention Bureau to identify and bid for an international conference and take advantage of the Bureau's track record and expertise in securing conferences and business events for Melbourne.