Meet Julia Swanson

Current role > General Manager - Insights, Inaugurals, Government and Special Projects

Oversees Research and Insights, development of Inaugural Events for Victoria, city and state Government Relations as well as supporting the CEO in major projects.

Joining the organisation in 2010, Julia Swanson is integral to the business events strategy for the state of Victoria. Ms Swanson has extensive experience in sales, business development, public relations, sponsorship and marketing.

Her previous role was Area Director of Sales and Marketing VIC/SA/WA with Intercontinental Hotels Group and she has also worked with several international hotel chains in Melbourne and in marketing roles in London.

Ms Swanson previously held the position of General Manager - Sales and led a team of 21 staff in research, business development and bidding in the association sector, including in MCB's international offices in the UK and USA. This team secured approximately $902 million in economic impact for the state of Victoria. She personally led the bids for the International AIDS Conference, 2014 (estimated to be worth over $80 million to the state's economy) and the World Congress of Cardiology, 2014 (estimated to be worth over $36 million).

Qualifications include; Masters of Business in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Bachelor of Business in Catering and Hotel Management.